Hunting At Stony Mountain Lodge

The Stony Mountain Lodge is located on the Upper Stony River in the Alaska Range, the hunt area is part of Game Management Unit (GMU) 19B. Besides operating on remote Alaska State lands, our Registered Guide/Outfitter Arno Krumm holds a federal concession to solely conduct big game hunts in a truly spectacular part of the Alaska Range. It is our utmost goal to treat all lands and its wild fauna with profound respect and gratitude. We always aim to leave it in even better shape than we found it. Exemplary stewardship on our part will ensure that many generations to come will enjoy the same stunning wilderness as you will.

Our wilderness base is the remote Stony Mountain Lodge. It can only be reached by air, mainly by charter flight from either Anchorage or Port Alsworth. The hunter will arrive at the lodge and spike out into the field, where he and his guide will remain until the desired animal is harvested. Please be aware that Alaskan fall weather might not permit you to connect with commercial or bush flights the same day. Satellite internet and phone service is available at the lodge.

Hunting Licenses

It is the hunter’s responsibility to purchase a hunting license, and all tags and harvest tickets needed for the hunt prior to arrival at the lodge. This can be done on-line with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


The Alaska Professional Hunters Association Inc. established the Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund in 2004 to help ensure that non-resident hunters will continue to have hunting opportunities in Alaska. The NRHPF is a $150.00 fee per hunter, which will be paid as part of the hunters deposit. Thank you!

Air charter fee round trip to and from the Stony Mountain Lodge is the responsibility of the hunter.

There is a chance to either see or even harvest a wolf while out in the field with us. The hunter does not need a wolf tag in our hunt area, nor is there a hunt fee.


Our non-resident moose season runs from September 5th to September 20th (Resident season is September 1st to the 20th). This is the time of the Indian Summer in the Alaska Range, where the country shows itself in a most spectacular fashion. Daytime temperatures can still be in the 60’s F, while we now see the first frost. The hunter should set aside 10 days to be in the field, with an additional day to travel from Anchorage to the Stony Mountain Lodge, plus another day for your return trip to Anchorage. Our typical moose hunt is on a one hunter – one guide basis, with a packer available. We regularly take very respectable trophies from the 55 to 65 inch range, occasionally even larger. We hunt from comfortable and dry spike camps, mainly by glassing good moose habitat from an elevation such as a ridge or knoll. Please check out our gear list and bring as much of what we recommend, it is Alaska tested; it works.

Moose hunt, 1 hunter – 1 guide, September 2014, US $25,000
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More and more hunters consider a grizzly bear hunt in the vast wilderness of the Northland as THE Alaskan big game adventure. Both resident and non-resident grizzly season starts on September 1st and runs until May 31st the following year. Our sought after, very successful bear hunts are ordinarily one hunter – one guide hunts, based from comfortable and dry tents camps. Please allow 10 days to be in the field, with an additional day for arrival at the Stony Mountain Lodge, plus another day for departure back to Anchorage. We typically hunt along salmon streams or mountain berry patches, moving little but observing hunting grounds through binoculars. As with all our wilderness hunts, please check our Alaska tested gear list, it will help you stay warm and dry, and be more successful. We are very pleased to offer you a honest opportunity to harvest a truly majestic monarch of the last frontier, an Alaskan grizzly bear. We currently have three outstanding, mature grizzly bears in the SCI record book top ten.

Fall Grizzly Bear hunt, 1 hunter – 1 guide, September 1 to 30, 2014, US $25,000
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Are you interested in a true Alaskan alpine adventure, hunting Dall Sheep in some of the most pristine mountains in Alaska? Contact us!

Black Bear

Our hunt area is seeing a healthy black bear population. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing a black bear after taking your primary game animal. In this case a black bear tag is required.

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